Student Work

Stereotype Blogs:  Hillside English II
Fall/Spring 2012-2013

For the final assessment in the Women in Literature Unit, students created blogs and wrote paragraphs to describe how the female protagonists of the novels broke barriers for women. They then had to make a connection to today’s society and current portrayals of women. Below are a few examples.


I have compiled a few examples of work from the Romeo and Juliet unit that reveal strong growth in student writing during my time at Durham School of the Arts.  Both students demonstrating growth were “standard” students.

Student Progress: Janeia – Queen Mab Activity Paragraph, Romeo and Juliet

Student Progress: Janeia – Reading Response Quiz, Romeo and Juliet

I dialogued with Janeia about creating an effective paragraph and encouraged her to be more specific in providing detail. This is what she produced.

Student Progress: Akayjai – Reading Response, Romeo and Juliet

Student Progress: Akayjai – Theme Analysis Final Project, Romeo and Juliet

I led a whole-class discussion about expectations for paragraphs and gave specific suggestions to students about how to become more successful writers. She later produced this paragraph.