Throughout my Fall placement at Northern High School, I learned the value of reflection as a teacher. Taking the time to sit down and look at various aspects of each lesson I planned allowed me to edit, revise, and re-think my lessons so that when I present them next, they will be even more effective. I plan to continue practicing reflective teaching as I spend more years in the career field. With constant reflection, a teacher will remain at the peak of their teaching field, and students will reap the benefits of a well crafted classroom experience. Even from one class period to the next, teachers should always be looking for another opportunity to make things better.

Over the past year, I have spent time reflecting, both verbally and in written form, in an effort to grow as an educator. After each lesson, my mentor and I met to discuss changes that would allow more students to learn. Having another set of eyes in the classroom was invaluable. Having another set of eyes in the classroom with over ten years of experience was even better. With their suggestions my mentors provided, I was able to tweak my lessons and make them better each time. I was also able to understand how a teacher should reflect on lessons by listening to their thought process. By the end of my internships, I often spoke with my mentors about what I needed to change before they even had a chance to offer suggestions.

The journals I kept this year will be a helpful tool to return to as I continue forward with my career. I have included some of these journals to give insight into my thought process as a first year teaching intern.

Reflections on a video-taped lesson

Mr.C on Camera: A Self-observation

This reflection was written in response to watching a videotaped lesson of myself from English III at Northern High School.

Journal Writing: English III

I have included three examples of the journals I kept while teaching. These were submitted to a former Duke MAT and current teacher who responded with her opinions and suggestions. Each journal deals with a different lesson or difficulty that I sought to gain insight into as a reflective teacher.

September 6, 2009

This reflection was about teaching during difficult personal times. My grandmother passed away two weeks into my teaching, and these are my thoughts about the whole experience.

October 4, 2009

This reflection focuses on a cooperative learning experience I employed in my English III classes.

November 15, 2009

This reflection is about my experience teaching students the research process as a final project to wrap up The Crucible.