Lesson Plans

Over the past year, I have created numerous lessons in an effort to reach ALL students. I work hard to make sure that students undergo a creative learning experience each time they enter my classroom. Through my internship, I was able to implement many of these plans and make revisions as necessary.

English I

Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan
Spring 2010

English III

The Crucible Unit Plan
Northern High School, Fall 2009

Stereotypes Lesson (from Native American Unit)
Northern High School, Fall 2009

General Lessons

The following lessons were created the summer before I began teaching. I focused the lessons on the concept of argumentation and created lessons with differing focuses.

Argumentation: An Introduction
English III – Direct Instruction Lesson

Argumentation and Technology
English III – Technology Focused Lesson

Argumentation: Point of View
English III – Small Group Lesson